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The neverending love story

Hello everyone! Did you miss me?

It’s Bucky, of course, and I’m sooooo very supercalifragilisticexpialidouciously happy.

You wanna know why? Because my BFF loves me, that’s why. I always wondered why it’s called BFF. It should be GFF, right? Girlfriend Forever, duh…

I wrote her a song from the bottom of my heart, which I know she’ll appreciate because she loves me so much and truly and madly and deeply. So here’s to my Purky. Hit it boys!

♫ I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, Purky, now when did
You last let your heart decide? ♫

♫ I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride ♫

♫ A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us “no”
Or where to go
Or say we’re only dreaming ♫

♫ A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I’m way up here
It’s crystal clear
That now I’m in a whole new world with you ♫

♫ Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
Through an endless diamond sky ♫

♫ A whole new world
A hundred thousand things to see
I’m like a shooting star
I’ve come so far
I can’t go back to where I used to be ♫

♫ A whole new world
With new horizons to pursue
I’ll chase them anywhere
There’s time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you. ♫

I so hope you like it, I spent the whole night writing the lyrics and the music too. I’m thinking to sell the rights to a major company, maybe they’ll make a movie. YAY! How perfectly sweetilicious would that be?

Anyway, Purky inspires me with her wisdom even when she doesn’t share it, so here’s 10 things my GFF didn’t teach me:

1. How to make money

2. Why sex is important and more importantly what is sex

3. The futility of easy-listening

4. The dangers that lie ahead

5. Who is responsible for the rule of men

6. Participating in a big bang with the gang

7. Remorse and regret for being sparkling

8. A method to meet a real life fairy

9. Belonging to someone and feeling good just because I am

10. How to make a lemon twist using just a straw.

I’m sure she’ll share them with me, she really loves me you know… I wonder why she won’t let me read her book though, maybe it’s too technical for me…

Oh, she’s IMing me now to go cuddle. How cute is that? See you next time friends!

Whiskers and ladybugs all,



I don’t mind over matter

Hello, my name is Purky Velcrolove and I love shagging.

It previously occurred to me that Homens only promotes dancers that shag him instead of those who really deserve it by working hard, making tips and being honest. You can only imagine my frustration throughout the time I wasted at FC, having to watch all those other whores rising with absolutely no merit, while I was being ignored in spite of my being a bloody genius.

And truth be told, there actually was a fair amount of shagging involved and still that nitwit bastard didn’t make me a star.

So after all this and much more, I’m still nobody. Thanks a lot, Homens!
You can read more about it and how I dealt with this crisis in my upcoming book “Life as a marshmallow” that you can pre-order now following this link. You get a free printed autograph for each copy you order online. LIMITED OFFER!
Bugger and blast, look at the time! Better run, I invited Bucky over and we’re gonna use my scrap gold bullion to build a Lego robot. How awesome is that?!?
Love is in the air,

Just a carpet ride away from the Magic Kingdom

Hello everyone and welcome to my post. My name is Bucky, but you know THAT, don’t be silly… Hihi.

What you don’t know is that Imorala almost finished our club. Yay! She finally gets to eat and sleep now! YAY!

Oh, I’m so excited! In fact today, after my usual stroll in the Little Red Riding Hood’s enchanted forest, I decided to stop by the club and found Imorala working on the last details of the castle… It was certainly time for a celebration so I command… err… asked her to take a well-deserved break and give me an enema.

Good things in, bad things out! (I always say)

It felt soooo good spoiling myself like that and it made me soooo happy that I felt like singing a song and taking a photo.

♫ In goes the tube ♫

♫ And up flows the water ♫

♫ Making me clean and gaaaay ♫

♫ The future goes in ♫

♫ And the past goes out ♫

♫ It’s my E-N-E-M-AAAAAA! ♫

♫ Hooray! ♫

And look how pretty I am (I don’t know why Imorala looks so grim in every picture but I hug her still cause she’s my sla… err… friend). Photo coming right down (get it? :P) (you got it? oh, i’m soo funny):

Me and Imorala making it happen. XOXO Bucky 🙂

I have to go now, Purky just texted me to go help her with her latest invention. Look at the message she sent me: “U & I ❤ $£¥€ & 8=>~”. Silly best friend, how would I know what a cumshot is? But if it’s out there, I’m absolutely sure that she knows perfectly well how to turn it into lots and lots of money.

Candy canes and fairy dust all,


Stress is getting to me now!

Hello, Bucky here again.

I’m not staying just wanted to warn you that building a club involves a tremendous amount of work.

For example, just today, after returning from a day at the beach with Purky, we were very surprised to find our slav… uh… friend, Imorala, had already finished building the whole club. Too bad she worked like a dog to do it if  in the end it looked like Sleeping Beauty’s castle, instead of Cinderella’s castle.

I mean, Hello!!! Imorala!!! If we’re going to grant you the honor of building a club for us, we expect you to do what we say. Now, please, tear it down to the ground on your own initiative and do it properly this time. Or else, you are grounded for a week and we won’t let you inside Barbie’s house!

Am I right you guys? Everybody knows that Cinderella’s castle is waaaay cuter.

Ok, gotta run, I’m late for my sleep-over at Purky’s. She’s cooking little plastic cakes :))) Yay!

Rainbows and fairies all,


Don’t stab and leave it

Hello, Bucky here. You might remember me from my last hit (and run) on Cartoon Network.

I have wonderful news my dears, I have decided to open my own club. Soooo, guess who’s been a busy bee? Me and Purky, of course.

With the help of our Happy Free Friends, we have put together all the details and we can proudly inform you that we finally found the perfect name, location, theme, design and cast (I mean staff, hihi).

They are all secret but if you stay tuned I’m going to share them with you soon.







Doop-do-dap-dap, TA-DAAA!

– After long brainstorming sessions and daily team meetings we came up with an original name like no other: THE BUCKY MOUSE CLUB. Yay!

– This will be the logo:

– And look at the professional team that helps us put it all together. Aren’t they wonderful? We call them THE BUCKETEERS. Just follow this link to our Facebuck account. En garde!

– And finally, our greatest achievement: THE ACTUAL CLUB. This is the initial draft. And this is what Imorala will build for us in the end. It’s simply fantastic, isn’t it?

I’d like to thank the Bucketeers for their support and I’m blowing you all a kiss as an invite to our launch party. Wink!



P.S. For those of you who are haters and think a major animation company may have a case against us, I would like to say: Dream on! It’s our intellectual property, we can prove we thought of it first, in fact we had this idea since before Wald Tisney was born. Butterflies and poneys all! Poof!

Standing for what’s right

Hello, my name is Imorala Cornell and I like sex. I came to FC, didn’t I?

I never wanted to leave FC but those FAGS pushed me to the limit. What a bunch of insensitive NIGGERS with no respect for the disabled they were!

I mean, all I did was bring a mentally challenged boy to a strip club. And they picked on him coz he was talking gibberish. You can’t blame him for that! He has a condition! He doesn’t behave well in social environments.

Why did I bring him to a strip club, you say? I don’t know, but King Tom Cruise brought that old mentally challenged guy to a casino and that worked well for those two. Some people just don’t understand. I’m following Bucky anyway and I need to go now, she just turned a corner.

Don’t forget to breathe,


Money makes the blog go round

Hello, my name is Purky Velcrolove and I like shagging. Why else would I have joined FC?

Oh and I also left FC. I don’t really know why i did it and that bores me to death. I mean, one day I was happily scheming , the next I heard that my bestest friend quit for a very serious reason. I think the reason was this.

And, yaawwn, what a waste of my time this was, if I knew it would come to this I would have charged it properly. 1000 quid per minute because that’s how I roll.

I spent a lot of time at FC doing nothing at all. But it is perfectly fine, I didn’t get paid either. Who needs L$, right? I think SL should change the currency to £ (GBP). That way I could charge real money for my services, because that’s what professionals do. Just the other day I was thinking how professional I am.  I was looking at the STUFF I created for the owner of FC and was thinking how great I am and how lucky I was to have created the same STUFF before in RL a few years ago. That way I was able to use the STUFF I already had and show it to people without lifting too many fingers. Not that RL STUFF has anything to do with SL STUFF. But who’s gonna argue with a professional?

Bucky‘s departure was a sad event. I even said to her “Oh, Bucky! This is so sad!”. And then we both cried and remembered how professional we were. That made me happy. I know Bucky was happy too because she started singing an underground song. And when Bucky sings nobody dies. And rainbows appear and shooting stars shoot. And money roll. They roll.

H. That’s how I used to call the owner of FC. But now that he upset me I call him Homens. And he certainly deserves it for what he did. Homens! Homens! I’m not exactly sure of what he did but I’m pretty sure it was this. Although Bucky says he had a lot of help. Poor bastard (and when I say poor, I mean it in a wallet way). Soulless prick. Don’t look at me, I didn’t take it. I checked my overloaded bank account minutes ago and that wasn’t there.

Oh I’m so talented, don’t even get me started. I started taking photos and Bucky absolutely loves them. I might even consider a career change, I mean how hard can it be? You take a RL photo, mix it with your SL face, it looks like crap (but who cares) and you sell it for cash. A lot of cash… Only no one would pay that much cash. I really hate secondlife. Loosers!

Blimey, look at the time! I mean… the money I lost writing this.

I love you all, TC!